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PETA (Patent big data based Emerging Technology Analysis and discovery system) is a promising technology analysis / discovery system through the patent analyses of macroscopic perspectives (industries and large enterprises). Provides the latest mega trends and insights through PETA system for recognizing potential technogogies.


Based on refined patent data, IP mega trends may be studied for the latest up-and-coming technologies through the use of extensive statistics and company analyses.

Applicant Maintenance

BIZ-IP maintains the names and nationalities of applicants worldwide in both Korean and English.

Key Statistics

With just one click, you can check trends via patents, an applicant's nationality, and yearly statistics.


Easily identify competitors and emerging players by analyzing top or recent key applicants.

Key Player Analysis

Applicants' 20-year rankings, recent 5-year rankings, and ranking variance analysis allow you to analyze competition and the new players in the market.


Check detailed systems of a technology and accelerate your innovation by reviewing patents associated to your technology profile.

Technology System Analysis

BIZ-IP uses the Patent Classification System (IPC/CPC) to identify the distribution of crucial technologies by system level, which enables you to check the patent immediately through the technical area in which the technology belongs and and also by Google Patents.

Application Status

Corporate Name
Corporate Title
KIAT Blueprint Not Applied
Hydrogen Not Applied
KIAT Technology System Not Applied